Who We Are

Who We Are

  • As an impact oriented company, our loans are purposefully designed with the benefit to our customers at the core. While other financial institutions prioritize profit, we focus on giving loans that have a direct impact on the farmers ability to increase income over time, using products that are fully vetted, tested, and piloted. A key element of our product offering is a fully guided experience . Our staff is hands on throughout the entire process from initial introduction through sales to asset delivery and training.

Last Mile Access.

  • We have a deep understanding of the context in which we work , giving us the ability to offer financial products that meets the unique needs of our clients. A large majority are deep rural , with limited means of accessing traditional financial service. So our customer service model is fully focused on going to them which means getting to know their community , hand delivering the assets and being present to train and trouble shoot .

Low Barrier Loan Terms

  • Due to our unique approval process , we have a higher approval rate than traditional micro finance institutions causing a higher saturation rate from base of the pyramid borrowers.

Mitsaelengos Loans Approvals

  • Due to our unique approval process , we have a higher approval rate than traditional micro finance institutions causing a higher saturation rate from base of the pyramid borrowers.

Mitsaelengos Trainings

  • Trainings are crucial part of the Mitsaelengos model, creating sustainability and generating the highest level of impact . Upon receiving the product , customers are trained by our loan officers on financial literacy , the loan agreements, savings and product care and maintenance.

Mitsaelengos Flexible Repayments

  • Mitsaelengos offers farmers financing using farmer income as the basis of repayment instead of a traditional rigid structure by other lending micro finances.

Further Investments

  • At the end of our loan cycle, the product has helped to increase income for the client and they can move on to further invest in productive assets from Mitsaelengos portfolio.

MiTsaElengos Model

70% of Kenyan population are farmers relying on informal networks for credit .We are changing this by creating an access and opportunity for those living in the last mile.

Our Strength

Mitsaelengos is challenging the traditional micro finance model by going where our customers are , evaluating them differently ,interacting with them differently, and helping them differently.

Last Mile Outreach

Traditional finance experiences a significant drop in when it comes to client accessing their products. Mitsaelengos connect last mile accessibility keeping the situation rate higher . We go the distance to find our customers.

Innovative Appraisals

Mitsaelengos uses assets as collaterals , reducing the barrier to entry and leaning into our clients loss aversion complex. We appraise the client as a farmer and give great weight to qualitative variables, such as community interactions.

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We Offer Boda Boda Loans, Workshop Equipment’s, Farm Machinery Loans, Green Houses Loans and more loans.

MiTsaElengos Products

All our products are vetted and tested for their ability to increase income by the Mitsaelengos innovators department
Mitsaelengos impact.
(a) Alleviating and eradicating poverty. Mitsaelengos envisions a world where everyone living in the last mile has means to thrive , not just survive. We are committed to equipping our clients with the necessary tools, help and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty and to propel forward . This is achieved by increasing income for small holders farmers through productive asset financing and trainings.
(b) Job creation among the youths . This is achieved by the the online Mitsaelengos registration account for the youths where they will be making money online inform of commissions by marketing our company and can invest what they earn online.

Nb. Mitsaelengos asset financing has the distinct ability to:

  • Reduce poverty
  • Provide access to credit
  • Kick start business
  • Creating jobs to Kenyan youths
  • Empowering women
  • Increase income

Mitsaelengos Careers

  • At Mitsaelengos, we hire individuals that are aligned with our values. If you think your values align with ours , check out our time to time advertised open positions below. We hire innovators , we hire forward thinkers, we hire change makers, we hire passionate people, we hire status quo breakers. At Mitsaelengos, we are solution oriented hence one needs to roll up his or her sleeves. We are bold hence we challenge the status quo, new ideas fuel growth. We are accessible, the closer to the ground the better. Humility, in our company we believe in serving others first. Integrity, we value commitment to honesty.

Career Openings

  • Mitsaelengos is rapidly growing as we seek to expand our operations across the Kenyan counties and east Africa, Our team and branches have doubled and we are still growing . If you think your values align with ours , check out our open positions.

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