What it means to be an Entrepreneur-MiTsaElengos

What it means to be an Entrepreneur-MiTsaElengos Ltd

An entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger and a driver. Someone that creates something new, either an initiative, a business or a company. The entrepreneur might not be the ideator, but he or she is definitely the one that decides to make that idea a reality.

He/she is the one that pushes forward and inspires a team to follow. The entrepreneur is the one that sits in the driver’s seat and has the ability to change direction.

Why be an entrepreneur?

Being a successful entrepreneur also means being a good leader. Leadership is the ability to bring people to a place where they want to follow you, not feel like they are forced to follow you. The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends.

It can be so challenging to launch a business that it may make you wonder why anyone willingly sets out on such a path. So what motivates entrepreneurs to venture forth when so many others would run in the other direction?

  • Passion – Talk to successful entrepreneurs and you’ll nearly always hear the word passion when they describe what they do.
  • Independent thinking – Entrepreneurs often think outside the box and aren’t swayed by others who question their ideas.
  • Optimism – It’s difficult to succeed at anything if you don’t believe in a good outcome. Entrepreneurs are dreamers and believe their ideas are possible, even when they seem unattainable.
  • Self-confidence – This is not to say entrepreneurs never have self-doubt, but they’re able to overcome it, and believe they can achieve their goal.
  • Vision – Some of the more stringent definitions of entrepreneurship include vision as a necessary element. It helps to know your end goal when you start. Further, vision is the fuel that propels you forward toward your goal.
  • Flexibility – Not everyone fits into the rigidity of traditional corporate culture. Entrepreneurs are often looking to free themselves from these constraints, find a better work-life balance.
  • Purpose -Many entrepreneurs have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish and feel compelled to work tirelessly to make that happen. They genuinely believe they have a product or service that fills a void and are compelled by a single-minded commitment to that goal to keep pushing ahead.


If you’re contemplating an entrepreneurial venture, you should first identify which of the above motivators serve as your guiding force. Then consider if you have the specific character traits and attributes that will enable you to thrive as an entrepreneur.

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