Training and Empowerment among Youths-MiTsaElengos

 Training and Empowerment among Youths-MiTsaElengos

Youths, they are the future, the leaders of tomorrow, and they are the parents and grandparents of generations to come. What are the tools and lessons learnt? Creating community-based programs that help them express their opinions gives them a sense of identity and belonging. It will help them create strong ties to the community and give them a sense of importance.

Why empower them?

One of the keys to empowering the youth is with skill development. This will in-turn contribute to the increase in employability and add to the GDP of the nation.

  • Encourage them to follow their passions. Involve scholars, professionals, and volunteers from the community to mentor them and guide them. Tell them that they won’t always have someone listening and they need to fight for what they believe in.
  • Share with them success stories of youth who worked hard and fought to achieve the successes they have now. These powerful personal stories will motivate and encourage them to do better and counter any negative messages surrounding young people.
  • Good habits produce sustainable leaders. Youth that have good habits for their own well-being and constant personal progression will help them become strong leaders.
  • Show them that their opinions matter and what they have to say is important. Engage them in decision-making, and give them the responsibility and the power to better the community,
  • Treat them with humility. Remember they are just starting to learn to integrate into society in the larger sense.
  • Let them know that failing is not a bad thing to happen. Often the way to success is through failure.

Young minds should have access to resources to transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes. Awareness is a key factor for this empowerment, with guidance towards developing a wholesome outlook of life. Youths face disproportionate social, economic and political barriers which prevents them from unleashing their full potential.


Empowerment enables a young mind to differentiate wrong from right and denouncing the path of injustice for a respectable living. At MiTsaElengos, one of our main focus is training and empowering youths to better themselves in the future.

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