Drip Irrigation Kit & Installation Loans

Drip Irrigation Kit & Installation Loans

About Product

Is a type of micro irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either from above the soil surface or buried below the surface. The goal is to place water directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation. There are various types of drip irrigation systems i.e porous soaker, Hose systems, Emitter drip system, Watermatic drip systems , and micro misting sprinklers.

The company will walk this journey with the farmers .The cost of of drip irrigation kit depends on the type of drip system to be installed, and the size of the land. The farmer may opt to pay for the package in cash, or in arranged installments where the farmer pays a deposit of a half the cost of the drip system, and the company finances the balance, therefore the farmer pays the balance in installments for a period of one year. The farmer will pay for the soil analysis if need be, and the insurance cost.

  • 1/8 Acre (500sqm) | 22,000/=
  • 1/4 Acre (1000sqm) | 38,000/=
  • 1/2 Acre (2000sqm) | 58,000/=
  • 1 Acre (4096sqm) | 120,000/=

Cost covers:
✔Driplines, mainpipes, filtration system, all fittings and connectors
✔Installation and training
✔Agronomical support for 1 season

✔Quotes above are based on 2 lines per every 1 meter bed
✔No tank included in the quote
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