Boda Boda Loans

Boda Boda Loans

About Loan

For boda boda loans, Mitsaelengos has identified the need to help the youths upgrade there lives by making boda boda loans accessible and affordable to them. For those youths that may want to buy cash, we shall give them amazing discounts to make them afford. For those youth that will not afford in cash, the company will give boda boda instantly upon payment of the required deposit of 30,000 ksh, and is required to be in a boda boda group of motorist.

Every client will pay for his own insurance and the tracking fee. The loan is payable in installment of up to one year. The company provides high quality boda boda that are vetted and qualified to sustain its multipurpose functions in the dynamic market. The boda boda loans will help to create jobs opportunity to the Kenyan youths. This will help them connect easily to the market and their business.

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