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Agribusiness is a broad concept used to describe corporate agricultural enterprises individually and collectively. This is the application of business skills in areas such as marketing, finance, economics and management to the agricultural industry.

Agricultural business management programs teach business practices for improving the farm industry. It is the use of business fundamentals to improve the agricultural industry and farm production. An education in agricultural business management will teach you how to make informed decisions regarding production, marketing and personnel.

Benefits of Agribusiness

Humans once subsisted by hunting and gathering, foraging for available food wherever it could be found. Agribusiness is a unique culture in the world today. It has unique challenges that must be faced, but the rewards are clear.

New farming endeavours promise to battle the opposing problems of both malnutrition and obesity. To create better crop diversity for human health and food security, farmers are working to create markets for new crops.

  • It is an alternative asset class. Agribusiness provides income, plain and simple. It provides a solid income source for individuals who work within the industry.
  • It allows for diversification. The best kind of portfolio has income sources from multiple sectors. Workers who are able to perform in multiple sectors have the best chance for employment. Agribusiness allows for both.
  • A hard day of work creates a tangible result. It can be difficult to feel like something has been accomplished with certain jobs today. You work with your hands out in the fields knowing that you’ve made a positive impact.
  • It provides something that people always need. Challenging seasons may make for the best investment opportunities. This is because there is one rule all humans follow: we need food to eat.
  • Another positive development in farming is the rapid expansion of farmers markets. Farmers markets allow small farmers to interact directly with consumers.
  • Consumers benefit from healthier food options, and farmers benefit from new opportunities to sell their crops. Consumers and their children can learn first hand from farmers about products, and how they are raised.


Sustainable farming methods create better food diversity, preserve water with more efficient facilities. Farmers represent a front line to defend against the risks of climate change. When agribusiness has a good season, then people have enough food to eat.

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