About Us

About Us

MiTsaElengos is a networking company, promoting agribusiness and other forms of businesses among the youths , its fully incorporated under the companies Acts,2015 by the registrar of companies, and licensed by the office of the attorney –general dept. of justice, this qualifies MiTsaElengos to be an authentic company of this time. MiTsaElengos is devoted to helping the youth reach the goals they aspire in life.

MiTsaElengos is meant to bridge the financial gap and presenting the youth with an opportunity to start agribusiness regardless of not having securities as required by financial institutions. The company will provide many loans inform of items to the youth, whereby they shall put up with a minimum deposit required and the remaining balance shall be paid in installments spread within a desired period. Products and services are designed to ensure that youth financial challenges are gradually resolved, putting them on a path of financial freedom.

MiTsaElengos is committed to ensuring that your needs are fully met in good time, professionally and satisfactorily. The company is meant to alleviate the state of joblessness especially to the fresh graduates from universities and technical colleges, by offering them an online platform they can make money inform of commissions, by marketing the company to there friends and people, and with our continued varsity trainings by our trainers, MiTsaElengos will culture the youth into a mode of saving, to their banks of their choice until when they are ready we help them establish businesses of their choice.

Members are required to pay a one off nonrefundable registration fee of 2000Ksh, to MiTsaElengos accounts, which guarantees all our members to access our services any time in need. For the online group, MiTsaElengos has designed the same registration fee, where by the youth will be creating their MiTsaElengos account online , and use it to make money by marketing the company and earning their commissions online.

Brand Promise

To empower youth to be self-dependent and creation of jobs to alleviate the rising unemployment. To treat all our clients with respect, professionalism and flexibility. MiTsaElegos cares about your business and ours too.

Mission Statement

To passionately and promptly meet our clients’ needs with a professional and flexible touch, creating value for clients and our business.

Vision Statement

To become the the leading networking & service provider in empowering youth wherever we are.


  • Online Registration Account
  • Boda Boda Loans
  • Tools & Equipment Loans
  • Green Houses Loans
  • Drip Irrigation & Installation Kit Loans
  • Water Tanks Loans


  • Professionalism
  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Team work.
  • Equity and Relationship.


Any person above 18 years of age.

NB , MiTsaElengoes will assist in sourcing for every item listed above, and with our team of qualified experts, the company will see to it that every project that our clients embark on, succeeds. MiTsaElengos will be sponsoring farmers who are their clients for annual trainings, and will connect its members direct with the market of their produce. We shall guide all our farmers on the right timing when it comes to farming. MiTsaElengos …financially empowering youth.

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We Offer Boda Boda Loans, Workshop Equipment’s, Farm Machinery Loans, Green Houses Loans and more loans.

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Our Talented Staff.

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