Who We Are

Mitsaelengos Ltd is a networking company, aiming to connect the youth and women to the available opportunities especially of how to make money via the Mitsaelengos online platform. The company’s sole purpose is to empower the youth and women by offering them financial aids by giving them loans inform of assets financing.

Mitsaelengos Ltd promote agribusiness and other forms of business. Mitsaelengos Ltd is fully incorporated under the companies Act, 2015 by the registrar of companies, and fully licensed by the office of the attorney general Act, (Cap ,507) HPP/441, to carry out business successfully.

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About MiTsaElengos

Brand Promise

To empower youth and women to be self-dependent and creation of jobs to alleviate the rising unemployment.

Mission Statement

To passionately and promptly meet our clients’ needs with a professional and flexible touch, creating value for clients and our business.

Vision Statement

To become the leading networking company in empowering the youth and women, wherever we are.



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Our Products

Boda Boda Loans

For boda boda loans, Mitsaelengos has identified the need to help the youth and women upgrade there lives.

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Tools & Equipment Loans

In a workshop environment, you are sure to come across a variety of different workshop tools that are necessary for different operations.

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Green Houses Loans

The company only does greenhouses of 8 by 30M, that can at least 1000 stems, thus giving the farmer a better chance to recover the money faster.

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Drip Irrigation Kit & Installation Loans

Is a type of micro irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nutrients.

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Water Tanks Loans

Mitsaelengos credits itself for providing water tanks to Kenyan families and to registered social groups.

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Social Security Financial Services

In the African set up, planning for retirement is one of the major components.

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Veritical Garden

It is a highly yielding food security technology that utilises the vertical space to maximise on land & increase water efficiency.

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We Offer Boda Boda Loans, Workshop Equipment’s, Farm Machinery Loans, Green Houses Loans and more loans.

How to Become A

MiTsaElengos Ltd Member


Via online registration, where one can earn passive income by marketing the company by use of generated referral links.


Can join the company the ordinary way of paying for membership fee of ksh 2000 via the company’s pay bill No. 980838. A/C NO. is your national ID card number.

Would you like to join Mitsaelengos Ltd, become a registered member and benefit from our various loans?

  • Go to MPESA
  • Lipa na MPESA
  • Go to pay bill
  • Enter our pay bill number 980838
  • Account number enter your personal identity card number
  • Then enter your personal pin, you will receive a confirmation that you are sending money to MiTsaElengos Ltd.
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